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Ashington Group Trustees Bursaries

With the success of Lee Hall’s play income levels from publication sales and royalties have increased in recent years. The Trustees first priority is the well being of the collection of paintings. The Trustees now feel that they are in a position to support visual art in the Wansbeck area.

To which end the Trustees have pleasure in announcing the Ashington Group Bursary. The Trustees welcome applications from people in the Wansbeck area who are embarking on a course or study in United Kingdom Higher Education Establishments. There are a number of criteria, all of which must be attained to apply.


Preference would be given to people who originated from the equivalent of the former local government area of Wansbeck. This can be defined as the following current wards.

Ashington Central, Bedlington Central, Bedlington East, Bedlington North, Bedlington South, Bothal North, Bothal South, Choppington, College, Guide Post, Haydon, Hirst, Newbiggin East, Newbiggin West, Park, Seaton, Sleekburn and Stakeford

Or Civil parishes

East Bedlington, West Bedlington, Newbiggin by the Sea, Ashington and Choppington

As a final arbitrator location can be secured using the election Open data boundary software.

Length of Residency

Application has to be backed by residency in this defined area for a minimum of three years prior to application.

Course of Study

Applications from Wansbeck students prior or immediately after embarking on a foundation course, under graduate or post graduate course or other higher education course of study at a British Higher Education Institution, and must be connected to any aspect of the practice of visual arts


Applications should come before or during the first year of attendance, and be accompanied by proof of attendance.

Application should be by letter, typewritten (12point) no more than one side of A4, which should be sent to [email protected]

From this letter the Trustees should get the following salient information.

Address in Wansbeck, length of residence, HEI to be attended, title of course and a clear explicit acknowledgment that they have an awareness of the Ashington Group, which could be expressed as clear evidence that they have visited Woodhorn and looked at the paintings. In addition what plans the applicant might have for spending the bursary, for example on travel, fees, material etc.

Grants are entirely at the discretion of the Trustees. The Trustees do not undertake to award to all applicants. The Trustees will not offer a bursary to the same person more than once. The Trustees would consider applications at their spring and autumn meetings.

In applicant’s CVs, written and online, the Trustees would hope to see acknowledgment of the award of the bursary. In addition the Trustees after the bursary has been awarded, and before the end of the course of study, would like to receive a link to the student’s online portfolio.